Originally built in 1927, the New Southern Hotel was considered the showplace of downtown Jackson and the centerpiece for social life in the area. The building was used for meetings, fundraisers, weddings and other major events into the 1970's. Changing times and demographics made this hotel obsolete and the building fell into disrepair. The Crocker family purchased the property in 1967 and continued its operation for several years. In 1978 the hotels' upper floors were converted to housing for the elderly while the lobby and mezzanine levels continued to operate as commercial space.

Hal Crocker has always had a talent and passion for the restoration and preservation of the Jackson, Tennessee community. Due to this he saw potential in the New Southern and began his four year goal to restore the downtown landmark. In November of 2002 the building was placed on the National Historic Register. Along with his investors he began his restoration, only to be stalled by the devastating tornado of 2003. Despite the many obstacles this building was fully restored to its former glory. The city of Jackson and the downtown community embraced the project and have thoroughly benefitted by its restoration.

The 80,000 square foot restoration is complete and is being used for commercial space on the first and second floors and for residential use above. The New Southern Building is a true example of the talent of Crocker Construction Company and the vision that Hal Crocker has for preserving downtown Jackson.

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